Snow and Ice Management

Handy Harris has now been offering snow plowing, salting and sanding for 3 years. We can accommodate you whether you need a truck mounted plow, ATV plow, or hand shovelling. Please contact us for a free on site estimate and consultation and for priority booking and rates. (Regular Handy Harris rates do not apply to Snow and Ice Management Services.)
Businesses and residents can assist in snow removal and sanding operations in a number of ways:
  • Remove all unused vehicles, boats, trailers, etc. from the area needing to be plowed.
  • Remove snow and ice from sidewalks fronting their properties.
  • Park vehicles off City streets/avenues while snow removal is in progress or when snow removal signage is in place.
  • STAY WELL BACK from sand trucks and plows.
  • Children should be advised not to play on snow banks adjacent to roads and to remain well away from snow removal equipment.
  • Do not place steel posts or rocks on street curbs and side walks as markers, these cause damage to our vehicles and could cause personal injury